About us

We are from Ghana and the African diaspora. Our journeys back home to Ghana always satisfies our desire for that soul enriching experience and taste of Ghana and its creative, entrepreneurial and warm Ghanaians.

We formed Akonodie, a New York City based distribution company, with a mission to curate and present to the world a small slice of that experience, through some of the best artisanal foods made in Ghana.

Everything we sell at Akonodie is grown, produced and packaged in Ghana, ensuring that we are doing our part to support the growth of Ghana’s entire commercial food chain, from local farmers to local businesses.

We have partnered with Bioko Treats, a Ghanaian, woman-owned business dedicated to crafting gorgeous and delightful chocolate using Ghana’s famed Forastero cocoa infused with mostly local ingredients.

Once you experience the taste, we guarantee that you’ll have an akonodie for more of our delicious treats!

Looking for something special? One of our signature chocolate gift boxes will provide a unique gift for yourself or someone special.