Chocolates made in Ghana

From Bean To Bar

From Bean to Bar 

You've heard of the expression "farm to table"... the freshest and tastiest produce is always closer to the source. With Ghanaian made chocolates the "bean to bar" journey is the closest to the source you can get for chocolates.

Ghana is one of the leading suppliers of cocoa beans that feed the global chocolate industry. These cocoa beans are typically shipped to Europe and USA to be processed into chocolate, leading to the common misconception that a majority of the world's best chocolate comes from Europe and USA.

These cocoa beans are sourced directly from cocoa farms in Ghana, straight to Ghanaian artisan chocolatiers to create chocolates infused with indigenous fruits, spices and coffees to create a uniquely organic African chocolate experience.

Ghana’s growing boutique of artisan chocolatiers is revolutionizing and shortening the journey from “bean to bar”.

There are no additional international manufacturing hops before it reaches you. Everything is packaged right at the source!